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Frank Heyder is Beratender Ingenieur and member of Baukammer Berlin according to  Berliner  Architekten- und Baukammergesetz (ABKG) und Berliner Ingenieurgesetz (IngG) .  He studied in Dresden, London and Berlin and got the title  "Dipl.-Ing." (Diplom-Ingenieur) in Germany at TU Dresden) and the title "M.Sc." (Master of Science) also in Germany at TU Berlin. He is listed as qualified structural engineer at numerous chambers of engineers in German counties. Frank Heyder is qualified to give in building approvals, and he is a qualified planner and "Sachverständiger" for preventive fire safety of buildings (EIPOS).  Monika Heyder (B.SC. TU Berlin)  is a qualified planner for fire safety of buildings (EIPOS). 


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